February 7, 2008

Other Shoe Dropping on Kwame's Hot Mess

Further proof that Mayor Kilpatrick considers the coffers and resources of Detroit to be synonymous with his own is on display in the Detroit Free Press today. The Freep reports

On Tuesday, Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Colombo Jr. granted a Free Press request to release secret settlement documents under the Freedom of Information Act. City officials initially claimed no such records existed, and now argue they should remain private.

The judge also unsealed the transcript of a five-hour deposition Stefani gave to newspaper lawyers last week in which he detailed negotiations between him and the mayor's lawyers last October and November.

The judge said the records in question were clearly public property.

Now you know that last statement means nothing to this corrupt administration. Kwame has directed city attorneys to appeal the unsealing of the documents. Reached for comment by reporters in Washington, Kwame "Playa" Kilpatrick responded

"We want the public to have all the information the public wants to have,"

We also want to make sure that we understand what the FOIA is all about -- that it's about private issues that go on in a lawsuit,"

Is that priceless or what? What private issues? Oh, you mean like you screwing your chief of staff, the wife of a personal friend you went to high school with? Or the $9.5 million the city has paid to cover it up? One of those was private, I'll give you that much. But it ceased to be so when you paid out $9.5 million in Detroit taxpayer money to hush it up. Now, the citizens of Detroit own the rights to that story Pla--, er I mean Mayor.

Its just another data point proving the corruptness of this administration in Detroit and the foolishness of black folks if its tolerated. It ain't just Kwame. He has partners in foolishness. Apologist in chief for this sorry mess is Detroit Corporate Counsel Sharon McPhail. She was busy on the radio today accusing the Free Press of a vendetta and the attorney for the cops, Mike Stefani, of extortion. Well, now the shoes are dropping. Tommorow Judge Columbo releases the documents but the Freep is already reporting their content: the mayor signed the $9 million settlement to cover up his affair. But the BS train is coming to a stop. Whats in the secret agreement? The key record is a Nov. 1 document, marked “Confidential Agreement,” which Kilpatrick and Beatty personally signed, along with the cops’ lawyer, Mike Stefani, to conceal the text messages. The messages remained secret until January, when the Free Press published excerpts from nearly 14,000 texts received and sent from Beatty’s pager. The agreement requires Stefani, and his clients, former police officers Gary Brown, Harold Nelthrope and Walter Harris, to never speak of the messages again.
A violation of the confidential agreement required that the former cops would pay back the money. This document, which city officials repeatedly said did not exist, was withheld from the Free Press and perhaps as well from City Council when they gave their approval to the settlement. McPhail insists "No secret deals exist or have ever existed. The possibility that personal documents...might become public would have a chilling affect on any mediation," she said" Personal documents? Because you see, Kwame has given up fighting the release of the confidential agreement, but he is fighting release of other docs, so clearly there is some more mess thats being hidden.

The plots getting thicker too. Council President Ken Cockrel, the new mayor if Kwame is turned out of office, may have decided that he'd like to have the job. Today, he introduced a resolution calling on City Council to hire a special counsel to represent the city’s interest in any potential appeal of the judge’s order to release secret settlement documents in the whistle-blower lawsuit. "Our attorney would more or less be filing a court pleading on council's behalf saying we do not believe an appeal is in the best interest of the city of Detroit and that an appeal should not be granted,” Cockrel said of the special counsel. “It gives us a certain legal standing." "I think the law department has a clear conflict of interest," he said. "On paper, they represent the city of Detroit, which means council and the mayor. But on this issue, I don't believe the law department can serve two masters."

So its dropping like its hot in Detroit. Ken Cockrel is making his move, the settlement papers will be released soon, and we have not yet heard anything further from prosecutor Kim Worthy about perjury or other matters. As more of Kwame's outrageous behavior and that of his corrupt cronies surfaces, lets hope that the citizens of Detroit will turn him out of office.