March 11, 2008

NAACP & Sharpton: We're Okay with Gang Rape, But Denying Bail Is Going Too Far

I scarcely know how or where to begin to express my outrage, sorrow and weary disgust with the NAACP, a once venerable organization. I considered myself incapable of surprise at the antics of race hustler Sharpton, but I am surprised and dismayed at what is clearly a new low on his part.

We posted on the horrific Dunbar Village gang rape case in Florida last year where a woman was raped by 10 men over a three hour period You can read the local coverage here. We noted then, as we do now, that part of what made this crime so horrible was the fact that during a 3 hour ordeal, despite the screams, no one came to the victims aid, and the terrible things which were done to the woman and her son. It was shocking, barbaric and horrific. What has made the horror of it grow more and more is that no black organization came to this woman's aid, to demand justice, to help her recover, nothing. Net activists at the blog What About Our Daughters have been calling people and organizations to account for not speaking out about it, from Sharpton, to Obama, to the NAACP and anyone else. The Obama campaign, despite repeated contacts from a variety of sources, has never responded. Neither has the Clinton campaign, nor did Sharpton. The NAACP, in response to requests to get involved on the victims behalf, actually said they would not because it was not in their mission. I mean their lack of any response was pathetic. Mind you, the Atlanta chapter had to rush to intervene on behalf of Michael Vick over his dogfighting trouble. And of course, Sharpton was johnny on the spot in defense of the alleged black female rape victim in that case, who supposedly had been assaulted by a whole team of white boys and turned out to be a liar. After many entreaties that were ignored, Sharpton finally responded to the Dunbar Village residents, set up an event with public officials, then canceled it at the last minute without advance notice, letting down the residents.

But finally, the NAACP and Sharpton have responded to the Dunbar Village atrocity and they are rushing in to the defense.......of the rapists. Sharpton and the local branch of the NAACP held a press conference to highlight the fact that the four teens arrested in the Dunbar Village case have not been granted bail, while white kids over in Boca Raton charged with rape got bail and are not being charged as adults.

Neither of these organizations could be bothered to even publicly speak out about the horrific crime that was committed against the victim in this case. The NAACP said it was not their concern and Sharpton blew off the residents of Dunbar Village. Now, both of these organizations think the smart thing to do is come to the defense of the rapists in this case. It demonstrates for all to see that the NAACP, once a very respectable organization, has completely lost its way and become disconnected from any sense of morality, integrity or decency and commonsense. In Sharpton's case, its a singular statement that he is only interested in opportunities to aggrandize himself and if exploiting a poor, gang raped black woman can help him grab some media spotlight, thats okay. There are unconfirmed reports at this writing that the NAACP has even sent attorneys to Florida to work on these rapists behalf.

The actions of Sharpton and the NAACP are despicable and disgusting in this case. I call on the NAACP to reverse itself and come to the aid of the victim in this case. I call on the national organization to rebuke the local chapter for this ill advised partnership with Sharpton. I call on every single NAACP member to demand that their local chapter tell the national organization to repudiate and cease and desist from any advocacy on the part of the perpetrators of this crime and to discontinue their membership if they do not. I call on every person black, white, brown or yellow to pressure the sponsors and corporate supporters of the NAACP to demand they address the Dunbar Village case properly and support the victim and if they do not, to withdraw, withhold or reduce their support. I call on all members of the national Black Action Network to repudiate Sharpton's actions. I call on any financial supporters of the Black Action Network to demand they reverse themselves and support the victim in this case, or have their support removed. I call on candidates Clinton and Obama to denounce this crime and crimes against women, and to rebuke the NAACP and Sharpton for their despicable actions in fighting for the rapists and deliberately, purposefully ignoring the vicious crime committed against a black woman. I call on every person who reads this to contact the media, these organizations, and anyone who will listen and tell them to denounce this foolishness.

This is a black accountability moment.