May 1, 2008

Bold Faced Lying as Olympic Sport in Detroit

You know, just when I think that the absurdity quotient cannot possibly get any higher in Detroit, I am proved wrong. Bold faced lying is being raised to the level of an art form and Olympic sport in Detroit by both Christine Beatty and Kwame Kilpatrick. Their latest and greatest attempt for the gold as liars extraordinare, courtesy of their lawyers? The text messages aren't theirs. Thats right. Their lawyers are signaling their intention to aggressively attack the authenticity of the text messages and challenge the prosecutor to prove that those messages were sent by the Mayor or Beatty.

We have previously encouraged Ms. Beatty to run, not walk, to Prosecutor Kim Worthy's office and spill her guts in return for a good plea deal that might keep her out of jail, preserve her financial resources and prevent her from potentially being removed from her children's lives for an extended period. Ms. Worthy herself last week issued an invitation to Ms. Beatty to do exactly that, saying "I'll say this on the record. I will say that if, at any time, she wishes to come to this office and talk with us, we'll certainly listen,". Beatty's lawyer has scoffed at the notion. The legal strategy appears to be to fight every point and not concede on anything by both the Mayor and Beatty.

We had some level of sympathy for Ms. Beatty to this point, but given the high stakes legal strategy she is pursuing of denying and lying about any and all wrongdoing, her sympathy has now run out. She is taking the same blatant, arrogant path of defiance as the Mayor. If she is willing to gamble her freedom, her time with her children and the financial impact of all this on a defense that she is innocent, such sympathy is wasted. At this point, one can only conclude that while Ms. Beatty is an intelligent woman of some accomplishment, she is also equally if not moreso the incredibly foolish woman with appallingly bad judgment revealed in the most recent text messages.

She was used by Kwame for his own enjoyment, and strung along with pillow talk and vague assurances that she would always be his girl and the wispy almost promise that perhaps one day she might even be his publicly acknowledged woman. He has happily cut ties with her, but she is banking her future on a legal strategy and defense integrated with his? Because trust me, at some point, there will come a time when he will throw her under the bus to save his own skin.

It is all part and parcel of the continuing and sad epic of failed black accountability in this chocolate city, as black citizens and white CEO's share complicity in perpetuating the tolerance of utter foolishness and shameless corruption in public office.