October 28, 2008

No One Said A Word

Here is what is very troubling, very disturbing to me. The shouted racial slur heard on the tape when you listen to it is pretty clear. I don't know if Sarah Palin heard it. If she did and ignored it, that's pretty deplorable behavior on her part not to call that out. I'll assume she did not hear it. But given that I can hear it on the tape very well, that means that a multitude of people at that rally were able to hear it very well. I've seen and listened to many a rally where some heckler in the crowd shouts out to interrupt the candidates and they are shouted down with chants of USA, USA! But here, dead silence. No response from this crowd whatsoever, or at least no response that one can discern. Maybe the shouter was escorted out. But somehow I doubt it, given that there is not a single reaction or peep to this obvious racist name calling. That lack of reaction is deplorable and shameful in a situation that has zero ambiguity.

Update: 8:20 pm - Gadfly in Residence Phelps says I'm all wet, that this didn't happen. That either I don't hear what I think I hear or this is doctored stuff. Either way, I'm not invested in talking about a lie. Who's got the straight dope?