December 19, 2008

Julian Bond's Deathgrip on the NAACP

When Julian Bond announced his intention to give up the leadership of the NAACP as its board chair, I was certainly all for the idea, but completely skeptical that it would result in a change that would make the organization more relevant into the future.

So imagine my total lack of surprise when Bond announced that based on an outpouring of support and encouragement (I suspect its more fear and cronyism at play) that he would once again seek the chairmanship.

Despite eloquent pleas to pass the baton to new, capable leadership from NAACP members themselves, I doubt that other board members of the NAACP will have the courage to say no to Bond's wish to take yet another turn at the helm and look to the future. Out of fear of change or antipathy to the hard work of organizational development, they will likely take the path of least resistance and re-elect Bond. When they do, it will simply be a further example of their loss of relevance and balance.