December 29, 2008

A Really Good Point About the GOP and Race

The following is from ZootSuit at Redstate in a discussion thread. I don't like his references to racism because I think the use of the word has become meaningless, but I really like the way he points up how the GOP misapplies its conservative ideals with an illustration about agricultural subsidies, so I repost it here.

Monday, December 29th at 8:54AM EST (link)

PoliticalSeason is absolutely correct when he says that the GOP is tone deaf. It is amazing to me that anyone could send out a CD, parody or not, entitled “We Hate America,” containing a song called “Barack the Magic Negro,” even if originally written as a commentary on liberal racial hangups, is either tone deaf or just out-and-out stupid.

And this time, the guy who did it is someone running for RNC Chairman. And the really sad thing is is that some people here — dare I say, Republicans — even while they may agree that it was dumber for Saltsman to send out the CD, are madder at the MSM for reporting it. Quite frankly, the MSM should have reported it: it is news!

It might not have been racist, but it certainly was STUPID!

And to the second issue that PoliticalSeason attempts to bring up — and this somewhat follows up with what others on this page have brought up regarding reaching out — the Republican Party is insensitive to Black voters. And quite frankly, the Republican Party insults are intelligence. But the interesting thing about that is, Republicans do it by not sticking to their (supposedly conservative) principles.

In response that something Eric recently wrote, I was going to write a diary on RedState called:

“How Thad McCotter proves that Republicans are racists!”

Now let me first say that I do not think Thad McCotter is a racist. Nor, for that matter, do I think that most Republicans and/or conservatives are racists. (Although there are some, a very few, racists within the Republican ranks, they truly are extremely rare but to deny that they exist is foolish on are part: but regardless, that is another issue.)

But why I think Thad McCotter “proves” that the Republican are racists is because he was willing to abandon his conservative principles in support of an auto package that in the short-term would benefit his mostly White constituency. (In the long-term I would argue that the auto bailout would be to the detriment of the auto industry but that is also another issue.) Just using McCotter as an example, it seems to many Black people — and a few non-Blacks that I know — that conservatives and/or Republicans are not for less government; they are for less government for Blacks and other non-Whites. Pay people in urban areas not to work (whose “beneficiaries are thought of as “Black” or at least not White) and we have “welfare” that we must reformed, if not completely done away with. But pay people in rural areas not to work (whose “beneficiaries” are thought of as “White” or at least not Black) and we have a “legitimate government program designed to preserve the family farm.”

Do you really think Blacks (and others) don’t notice that type of hypocrisy?

And while I do not think the motivation is racist, Republican politicians are simply taking care of/bribing their constituencies who just happen to be mostly White, it sure does look that way.

Indeed, the interesting thing about Thad McCotter’s misguided support for the auto bailout was that he could argue that he largess (at taxpayers’ expense) would benefit Blacks, too. However, while true, it still does not change from the basic fact of how “constituency services” work and how, when Republicans use them in support of their mostly White constituencies while simultaneously arguing for “less government” makes them look like hypocrites and racists.

And, yes, Republicans seem to be totally insensitive to that.

And for those who asked how can the GOP reach out to Blacks and other Minorities, my answer is simple: be more principled. Decry both “welfare” and “agricultural subsidies” as well as “auto bailouts” and whatnot; and when the opportunities present themselves, vote against them.

(I also argue that conservatives and Republicans don’t realize and/or want to admit who generally-speaking are the most conservative elements within the Black community: “Black nationalists” such as myself. But that is an argument that I have had hear before and I really don’t want to get into again at the moment. Maybe later. Happy New Year!)

***** Unrepentant African-American nationalist, Unapologetic African-American conservative!