November 14, 2007

Giuliani the War Monger?

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"My first commitment I believe is that this country must go on the offense when it comes to Islamic terrorism," he said. "If we go back to what we learned in the 1990s, we go back to being on defense, the terrorist war on us will be extended, and it will be more difficult for us. The nature of the enemy that we face takes advantage of weakness."
Giuliani is a candidate I like. I think he is pragmatic and practical in his thinking, at least in politics. Not so much in his private life. I actually think he would be an effective policy maker and implementer. But I worry that Rudy is a war monger, perhaps quite naturally made so by the events of 911. He consistently espouses this point of view about the war on terror, this idea that we must be on offense. Thats the line of the current Bush administration and we have not fared well under that approach. Bush's prosecution of the way has landed us in a mess. I'm looking for a candidate who is going to fight the ruthless terrorist bastards, but not by continuing to do the same thing. Rudy's emphasis on staying on the offensive sounds like he would keep us at war in Iraq and embroil us elsewhere as well. I am not looking for more of the same when it comes to the war.