November 6, 2007

Its Way Past Official: We Have Lost Our Minds

All-Female Street Fight Ends In Murder, Pregnant Woman Killed, 2 Others Injured When Woman Rams Her Car Into Brawl - CBS News

Okay, I'm just shaking my head on this one. Thats really all I can do. I'm trying to imagine 20 young black woman, progesterone raging, lining up on sides to throw down in what sounds like an old fashioned gang fight. What is going on in our communities that we have this kind of nonsense breaking out? What the hell are we doing (or not doing) in our families that we have this craziness happening? Incidentally, I guess its become politically incorrect to say gangfight or something, because every news account I've seen uses this sanitized "planned confrontation" phrase to describe the fight. Thats interesting all by itself.

As we marching in Galveston for Megan and we keep sleeping on Dunbar Village and we mad about Michael Vick and tripping on the Dog, in LA, a 21 year old child of God intentionally got behind the wheel of her car and drove it headlong into another child of God who was eight months pregnant with still another child of God. She didn't care about the girl's life or the baby growing inside her. She just ran her down in the moment. She turned herself in. Maybe later she couldn't believe she had done it. Maybe she feels remorse. I hope so. At least that would signal that she had not left her humanity behind, that we had not completely failed to teach her anything before she made this horrible decision to kill.

A march won't fix this.