November 6, 2007

Why I Continue to Be a Reluctant Republican

Black Republicans may have to reassess - Herald-Mail News for Hagerstown, Washington County Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

The no-show performance of the top tier republican candidates at Tavis' debate is the kind of crap that makes being a black republican such a pain in the &@# on a regular basis. Republicans repeatedly get this communication with black America wrong and they have a knack for making it clear that they intentionally screwed the conversation. This is the stuff that makes me a reluctant republican.

The top 4 candidates gave schedule conflicts as the reason they did not attend the debate and here is what burns me. Its clearly a lie. These debates were put on the schedule back in March and there was plenty of time to make arrangements to be there. There are black republicans, but the message this sends is that republicans don't care if there are ever any more of them. This was an important opportunity for the party to put in work with the black community and explain why the conservative viewpoint and policy prescriptions are in black interests. But noooo, instead we are no shows. It pissed me off, so I decided I wasn't voting for a republican candidate, that I would just support Obama's bid for history. I may change my mind later, but that's how bad it ticked me off.