December 5, 2007

Dark Horse Rising

I don't have an extensive knowledge of Mike Huckabee's positions or policy positions, though I'm boning up. I kinda of like the guy based on three things: 1. He showed up for Tavis's debate to put in work for the party, took his fellow republicans to task for not attending and gave some good answers, acquitted himself well. 2. He's got strong social conservative views and positions and I like that and 3. He is a fair tax advocate. While there are some who claim the fair tax is not a workable option, the present tax system is a nightmare that never ends and the fair tax can't possibly be worse.

He's been rising in the polls in Iowa, like his democratic dark horse twin Obama. Could an Obama, Huckabee face off for the Oval Office be in our future? I like the guy. Like Obama, he comes off more often than not as earnest and sincere. I think his Iraq position as stated on his website is on the weak side, but I don't expect anyone to be brilliant on Iraq given how screwed up it has gotten. But I like his conservative bent and I like his stand on taxes. He's my replacement after I threw Guiliani under the bus because he didn't show for Tavis's debate. Check him out.