December 11, 2007

Republicans Don't Give A Rat's %#@& About Black Votes

I'm pretty much going to disavow being a republican through the remainder of this election cycle and the Univision debate is more than ample reason. As I noted in an earlier post about the failure of republican candidates to show for the Tavis debate, republicans seem to have a natural knack for screwing up the party's conversation with black voters. They blew off the conversation with Black America because they simply did not deem it important enough to talk to that constituency. They made a clear statement by their absence that they did not consider the African American vote important or necessary to their candidacy.

This stands in stark contrast to their johnny on the spot appearance for the Univision debate to talk to the Latino community. Clearly their judgment about that voting block is that it was important and worthy of their time, not too mention their patronizing, as they struggled to give broad stroke answers that softened their hard positions on immigration. The message is clear: latino community - worth talking to; black community - don't give a damn.