December 9, 2007

When Greed Is Your God

Jay-Z. Rap Icon. Media Mogul. Beyonce's man. Drug thug culture glorifier. Poster boy for greed. Jay-Z's American Gangster inspired single "Roc Boys" is a national anthem for the crack dealing purveyors of death in communities across America. The entire tune is an arrogant, indulgent offensive mockery of that which is good, to glorify evil, for money. Made even more reprehensible by the fact that its catchy. You want to bop your head to it. When it comes on my XM, I have to exercise an act of will to turn the channel. Jay-Z is filthy rich and while its quite possible I missed it, I don't think I've heard a more unabashed commercial glorification of drug dealing from him. For a guy who has more money than he knows what to do with, that he feels the necessity to make such an irresponsible piece of music lets you know that the only thing thats really important to him is the dollar. Sadly, there really is no outcry about this callous creation of Jay-Z's. On top of this, he appears to be a punk of the first order, on display in this video where he violently mugs the face of a young girl. A prequel of Beyonce's fate? Hat tip to Electronic Village.

Maybe he's Beyonce's fella because birds of a feather. My wife and I often remark on the fact that the difference between Alicia and Beyonce seems to boil down to the fact that Alicia sings about things she cares about, while Beyonce sings whatevers going to make some money and if you asked us which young lady we'd be more comfortable with our daughter emulating, its Alicia. Alicia is a singer and musician, Beyonce is a businesswoman and Jay-Z is clearly a businessman. There is nothing wrong with the latter, except when making money becomes the only thing you are accountable to.