January 22, 2008

Clinton-Obama barbs dominate debate - CNN.com

By all accounts from the MSM and the blogosphere, this debate was full of personal attack and defense and I find that disheartening. More to the point, it pisses me off. I blame the Clintons for that tone. The politics of personal destruction is the playbook they are working with. Obama on the defense for votes and Rezko and whatever else they can find is only out there because they can't just win on a message about her experience and her vision for the country. Obama has now been forced onto Clinton's ground with this kind of negative campaigning. She is better at it, having had to spar with republicans for years, and frankly she relishes it. I found it interesting to watch her deadpan staredowns of Obama when he was speaking, and the smile that came to her face when it was her turn to talk and she could press her attack. I'm sorry, thats not inspiring. It doesn't make me want to follow you. It doesn't tell me what your vision is or encourage me to believe that your leadership is what we need.

I totally agree with Edwards that the BS squabbling does not do anyone any good. The MSM lays down its responsibility to be of value by encouraging this petty nonsense. I think its very clear that her attacks were aimed at Feb. 5th primary states and white voters. I think its also very clear by now that the Clintons have made a tactical decision to attack Obama and maim or destroy him as best they can, even if it means risking alienating the black vote in the short term, because they figure with the house negro support they do have, that they will be able to get blacks back in the fold by the general. I hope they find themselves being very wrong on that score.

By all accounts, Edwards had a good night. I still think his angry man politics won't carry the day and thats why he has no chance of being the nominee, but I like that he got the opportunity to be the voice of reason.
But considering that I don't think he has had a bad debate performance yet, having a good one here is not going to help him.