January 17, 2008

Bob Johnson Issues Apology to Obama

Bob Johnson issued an apology to Barack Obama for his comments attempting to smear Barack. Besides the fact that Johnson made his money as a smut peddler as owner of BET, it just says something about his character that as a billionaire he could not find any way to support his candidate other than to engage in the politics of personal destruction and was willing to do so against a respectable black american by associating him with drugs and drug dealing out of context. His entire demeanor in giving his comments is proof positive of his low intentions and the confidence with which he issued his attack says loud and clear that he felt fully sanctioned and supported by the Clintons in making the smear. Even afterwards Clinton defended the comments saying we should take him at his word about what he meant. That tells you her intent and his. The dirt will continue to fly, particularly in South Carolina, known for rough politics.