January 8, 2008

Dr. Laura Comes to Hillary's Defense

I'm a faithful listener to Dr. Laura's radio show which I enjoy immensely. My jaw almost hit the floor about 5 minutes ago when she came to Hillary's defense on the crying thing. In the course of a quick micro rant on the paucity of real, substantive thinking going on in the primary process by the candidates and presumably the voters as well, she criticized people going ape over Clinton's emotional moment yesterday, pointing out that the woman was talking about her passion and that she was exhausted. I was thoroughly surprised which is one of the reasons why I continue to listen to her show because every time I think I have her pegged down and I know what she'll say, she surprises me, which in my book is evidence of authenticity.

She also said she didn't think that any one of the candidates, Democrat or Republican was competent to assume the office. I'm not sure what planet she's living on there.