February 28, 2008

TimeTravel is Painful

Rep. John Lewis has now publicly endorsed Barack Obama for the democratic nomination, a switch from his previous support for Hillary Clinton. In a recent interview, he said that making the decision to switch was the most difficult he had made in his life. He said that it was more difficult than his decision to march across the Edmund Pettus bridge on Sunday March 7, 1965, a march where he and the other marchers were brutally beaten. More difficult than that!

I love science fiction movies and if you do too, you probably saw the movie, The One, starring Jet Li. He played a multiverse criminal traveling between parallel earths killing versions of himself. In the movie, the process of multiverse travel was a painful ripping apart of the traveler out of one universe and reconstruction of them in another. This painful process that John Lewis has gone through to come to his decision to back Obama apparently must have hurt like that to hear him tell it. Having to be ripped out of the past into the future by your own constituents and a wake up call in the form of a primary challenge can hurt like that I guess.