March 28, 2008

Al Sharpton and Dunbar Village

I listened in on Al Sharpton's radio broadcast yesterday where he addressed the Dunbar Village incident and his ill advised, ill timed and irresponsible involvement in it. I had anticipated coming on to the show as well at Arlene Fenton's request, but was told by the producer when I called in that with Arlene and Tonyaa Weathersbee, they already had enough guests. I did use the radio call in number but they kept me on hold the entire time. From discussing the call with Arlene afterwards, it almost seemed that they were perhaps avoiding taking calls and clearly, some of Arlene and Tonyaa's commentary was not broadcast.

Sharpton spent a lot of time attacking the guest bloggers credibility in raising the issue but for anyone familiar with the case, there is one inescapable fact.

Sharpton and the NAACP's involvement in the Dunbar Village case was ill advised, ill timed and completely unwarranted. They were making FALSE claims of racial inequity in the application of justice. Claims that not only ignored the heinous crime involved, but that by their false nature, undermine the pursuit of equal justice in cases where it is actually merited. By his own words, Sharpton claimed he was fully aware of the case and the WPB NAACP live there, so clearly they know as well. Their bogus comparison of the case with the one in Boca Raton is either because he and the NAACP didn't bother to check the facts or they didn't care.