May 3, 2008

Get Your Obama On!

The Field Blog contributes and we adapt the following from their Boot Camp for Chicken Littles

There is the psychology of the winner and the syndrome of the loser. Rules for engaging in political struggle.

1. Any time you cite a “national tracking poll” as supposed evidence of your candidate’s chances of victory disappearing, you must make 25 get-out-the-vote phone calls on that candidate’s behalf. (Don’t ask me how to do that: consult the web page of your candidate for instructions!)

2. Any time you fret aloud about your candidate losing an upcoming primary or caucus, and worry about alleged grave consequences (in the face of the facts that all remaining candidates have lost some contests and yet they march on), you must make 50 calls to voters in every state you mention.

3. Any time you complain aloud about what your candidate’s campaign or staff is not doing you must give at least $10 to that candidate, to make it possible for them to do more.

4. Any time you ask me what you ought to be doing you must give $10 to support the work of The Political Season.

5. If I take the time to provide you with an answer, you must raise $100 from your friends and neighbors to support this blog!