June 20, 2008

I Am Outraged at Barack Obama!

I'm outraged at Barack Obama! I'm so incensed and angry right now that I am nearly ready to spit.

I simply cannot believe that Obama has decided to refuse $84 million dollars of taxpayer money for his campaign, and instead will finance it entirely from privately raised support.

He's going to raise the money for his campaign himself from people who want to give him the money, rather than use money from tax payers. Absolutely outrageous!

Barack is going to do the the exact opposite of John McCain, my fellow republican, the maverick, the man who won't take a single earmark. He is not going to raise the money from private parties, but instead will use taxpayer dollars to run his campaign. Barack is not going to do that. He is going to raise ALL his money privately, from 1.5 million and counting donors and let $84 million of taxpayer money go for other things like flood relief.

I am outraged!