July 3, 2008

Nader: Talking White? More like Talking Trash

Nader is a storied name in the annals of consumer protection. He had enough juice to be a spoiler when Gore ran. Now he's back for a third pointless run for.....king of the also rans I guess, cause it sure as hell ain't POTUS.

I listen to Nader, and I'm thinking, "hey, preciate your contributions on the consumer protection front and all, but WTF appointed your old, crusty behind status as the authority on authentic blackness? Or on what is or is not a legitimate political issue to be pursued by a black politician. Or made you an authority on what's going down in the ghettos of America? For a guy who supposedly has such tremendous street cred as an activist and reformer, Nader displays the full blown arrogance of a crusty liberal prick who thinks his past contributions give him leeway to speak with authority about black people. I can't say I've seen Nader in the hood, or anywhere near some hot issue in the black community lately. Obama called it correctly, its a pathetic attempt to get some attention to a meaningless, nowhere campaign. Way to go out like a sucker Nader.