August 15, 2008

Beatty Looking for Immunity - But That Ship May Have Sailed

Christine Beatty, through her lawyers, has begun fishing for an immunity deal, but that ship may have sailed, because prosecutors don't appear to be biting. We advised Ms. Beatty some time ago that she should run, not walk, but run down to Prosecutor Kim Worthy's office and cut herself a deal. At the time, the Prosecutor Worthy was sending signals that she was prepared to listen. Alas, she did not follow our advice and the prosecutor seems rather disinterested now.

As her legal expenses mount and the pressure on Playa increases, perhaps she is now beginning to catch a clue that unless she gets her get out of jail free card stamped now, there won't be any passes left when the hammer gets dropped on Playa, and that day is coming. Maybe the sight of photo after photo of Carlita and Kilpatrick in touching photos in the paper, showcasing their love and support of each other through this ordeal has served up a much needed reality check.

Playa still got a gig and a wife and will be using his ticket to the Democratic Convention. She's got a divorce, a pink slip and a slow motion ride to the pokey, unless she starts thinking about unhitching her fate from his.