August 15, 2008

Word Up

Musings from my friend, the lovely Sheri, who blogs privately in MySpace

I remember when I noticed that libraries became media centers, gyms became fitness or recreation centers, hospitals became medical centers.

The language got centered, then everything became a solution.

It used to be a tv dinner. Then a frozen dinner. Now it's a meal solution.

Headhunter? It's a human capital solution.

Consultancy? It's offering client solutions.

Phone system? It's a communication solution.

Bank? It's a credit solution. Or maybe a capital solution.

This isn't a kiosk. It's a service solution.

Rolling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I notice a truck with this printed on the side:

I roll past it, and realize they sell doors. Doors are entrance solutions. Entrance solutions.

This is a rant-against-biggified-words solution. Please make them stop.