August 20, 2008

The Thrill of Victory.....

Dawn Harper looked up at the Olympic race results seemingly in stunned disbelief that her dream of Olympic gold had been realized. In the 100 meter hurdles, you've got to clear 10 hurdles and run out the race strong if you want to win. Despite clipping her first two hurdles she remained focused and in firm control of her lane placement and kept barreling toward the finish. When race leader and favorite Lolo Jones stumbled, the door was opened for Dawn Harper and she ran through it.

Despite her bravado and confident talk of running her race in the qualifiers, it was clear when she won that it was purely positive affirmation. The Olympics offer those who watch them the opportunity to vicariously experience total victory by watching the emotions of the contest play across the hearts and minds of Olympians like Dawn Harper. Watching her hold aloft the American flag, her arms upraised and clearly sending praises of thanksgiving to the Almighty for bringing her through, I felt the thrill of victory.