October 16, 2008

RedState.com - All Is Lost, Save Yourselves

"The Presidential race is over. Let's save a filibuster capable senate minority."

Let's be brutally honest. Barack Obama is going to win the presidential election, and probably by a lot. We'll avoid recriminations and "I told you so"s and second guessing here. Let's just face the reality. Obama is trading at 84 on in-trade. Overnight quickie polls show the public overwhelmingly thinks Obama won last night's debate - which probably has less to do with any "objective" scoring and more to do with the fact that folks have simply decided to vote for Obama. Obama has more cash than McCain and independent groups are spending more in his support than they are in favor of McCain. Obama's national lead is in double digits in many polls, and per Real Clear Politics, Obama leads in every - that's EVERY, as in all - battleground states. His leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, even Colorado, Virginia, and Florida, are all outside the margin of error.

So Barack Obama is the next president of the United States, and the Democrats will gain seats in the House and the Senate.....The RNC needs to shift its focus to the Senate, and the McCain campaign should likewise shift its focus to those states where a stronger McCain effort can help some of these endangered Republicans keep their seats."

Brad Smith