October 6, 2008

Signs of Disarray?

Jack Waldvogel, Chairman of the Emmet County GOP in Michigan was on POTUS O8 this morning.  He talked about his disappointment that the McCain campaign had pulled out of Michigan.  He said that he certainly supported the decision, if in terms of resources and facts on the ground it was necessary, but that the way it was handled was very poor.  State leaders were given no notice and he really though announcing it via a major press release was a very bad move, noting that he's heard the Obama campaign has pulled out of several states, but without making major announcements about it. 

When Al Ribeiro, the former McCain MI campaign director sent out an email of explanation, he got a blistering response from Waldvogel:

"If you are going to end visits to the state by McCain/ Palin, do it," urged Jack Waldvogel, Chairman of the Emmet County GOP in a message obtained by Politico.  "Just don't formally announce that you are 'pulling out' of Michigan, and then come back two days later asking the base core of support to 'keep working.'  What a slap in the face to all the thousands of people who have been energized by the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket. I've been involved in County Party politics and organization for 40 years, and this is the biggest dumbass stunt I have ever seen."
Waldvogel added later in the message: "He has given up on our State? What a total and complete crock of crap. Again, I think McCain owes the Republicans and the People of Michigan a HUGE APOLOGY. SOON!"

The major complaint is not that they pulled out, but the cavalier way they handled communicating that message to the MI GOP.  It smacks of a rushed though process without much attention to detail.  Is this disheveled  retreat under fire in MI a sign of a coming near term collapse in the McCain campaign?

Asked if he thought Obama would win Michigan, Waldvogel replied "yes, I'm afraid so".