January 6, 2009

Harry Reid The Craven Dances With Burris the Buffoon

Reid has signaled his cave, noting that if Burris returns with proper credentials, he'll be accorded some measure of respect. The idea is being floated that Burris won't run again in 2010 and this would be the compromise. Thats a BS promise from Burris. Why become a senator through this crap process on the appointment of a corrupt politician only to step down 2 years later? Burris wants to keep that job, don't front. Two years from now, he'll say despite earlier understandings, the people of my district urge me to stand for election.

A CNN columnist said today that Burris should be seated simply because the administration doesn't have time for this mess. There is a certain soundness of logic there. However, I still say Burris should be left at the curb because he is not the best that Illinois could have. Anybody willing to flip flop within days on his public statements about the governor, willing to accept an appointment and tarnish his reputation by being associated with this mess, lacks good political judgment. He has become a Blago tool. Now we are not talking about Blago, we are talking about Burris. He's been played and is left to sputter after being turned away from the Senate chamber about how he will now confer with his legal team. Blago certainly can't come to his defense. Pathetic. The icing on the cake for why he should be dissed? Shameless race card playing. This 70 year old fart is still playing from a 20th century political playbook, but we've entered the 21st century. Thats the best set of political cards he's got? This is the sorry putz who wants to step into the seat vacated by Obama, the man who is clearly the new gold standard of black political leadership? Burris isn't fit to lick the One's boots. His sorry, tired, old negro thinking butt is a sorry choice and the citizens of Illinois deserve much better. If its got to be about race, there are far more qualified brothers to support. Leave this sucker out.