March 27, 2009

Steele's Public Statements Not Confidence Inspiring

Michael Steele is quickly approaching the point where I will simply stop taking him seriously at all when he speaks.  Thats not a good thing, particularly for a guy who wants to alter the relationship of the GOP with blacks (a goal I don't think is attainable for him anyway).  

His latest comments have the feel of whistling through the graveyard. 

You planned to have Rush rip you a new one on his show, so you could then turn around and publicly apologize, calling yourself inarticulate in the process? You drew the ire of socons about your abortion position so that you could see who screams the loudest? These things help you determine your place on the chess board of politics, help you determine who is your enemy and who is not? 

Its a lotta horse manure.  I've diagnosed the problem with Michael Steele and I won't claim to be the first to see it.  Steele has made this gig far too much about him, and not enough about the party.  Note that the stuff that gets him in trouble every time is when he is talking about himself.  His views, his ideas, rather than the GOP's.  When he is talking about himself, the whole enterprise goes off the rails. 

I don't think he gets this at all, so he's going to continue to say things that damage his credibility within and without the party.  Lets hope the fundraising numbers stay good.