April 21, 2009

Obama: Hugo, Let Me Explain Something To You....

Obama's critics want to portray as weak because he shook Chavez's hand. Remember during the campaign, Obama went back to Congress and spent a little time jamming up Lieberman about his support for the republican ticket? It was a little reminder that for all the smoothness, charm and affability, Obama is from Chicago. Looks like Hugo got a dose too. I don't know what they were saying, but it looks like Hugo got schooled. Watch the translators face.

My imagined translation

"Hugo, let me make something clear to you. While I find your anti American rantings amusing..., juvenile, but amusing, you should be clear I don't care for them or you. I'm busy with two wars, and a global economic crisis. So I'm going to explain this to you once, nicely. I don't care how you want to run your little country. You're running the place into the ground, but hey, thats your business and at some point, your people are going to show you the door. In the future, you keep your mouth off of me and my country. Next time we do one of these summits, you keep your distance and leave your America bashing paperbacks at home, I'm not interested. Stop embarrassing yourself with these attention getting antics, running around trying to glad hand me on camera. I find it annoying. If you can't manage to contain yourself, I'll arrange for a little regime change the Chicago way. Capiche?"