April 10, 2009

Waiting On the Palm Pre

Currently, I pack a Treo 755 p. Its a nice enough phone. I've used the Palm operating system for years and at one time it was really great. But life has moved on and thePalm OS 5 has become a decrepit little piece of tech. Some days I really find myself lusting after the Iphone experience that Alaine, my hot little number, has been enjoying since I bought her one.

But with the announcement from Palm of the new Palm Pre, running an updated OS called WebOs, I figured great, my phone envy will be assuaged. Palm indicated something would be coming along for us to see, touch and feel in the first part of the year. Its April already! Palm plans an app store for this device and a developer kit has been released to the third party developer community. I wish they would put this phone in some Sprint stores (the exclusive carrier for now) so that we could take this puppy for a bit of a spin and I can figure out if Palm still has a future in my holster. Release the Pre!