May 13, 2009

On Wanda

Dennis Miller, a favorite commentator of mine had the following comments on the Factor which I thought were on entirely on point.

I don't think she was a pro that night. You know, a comedian's judged by somebody whether they're a pro or a non-pro. I don't know how funny or funny it wasn't. But I do know it wasn't pro, because at some point you get hired, and she didn't fill the requisite out for what they needed. They needed it to be edgy but to not make it feel weird.

The whining on the right has been silly on this subject. I never appreciate it very much when black folks like Wanda fail to moderate their commentary to be appropriate to a particular situation. It betrays a lack of home training to be so obtuse to one's environment or the occasion. That said, especially since she is indeed a professional comedian, its the most ridiculous bit of hyperbole to profess outrage about her jokes about Limbaugh, a guy who dishes out his own rhetorical tongue lashings for 3 hours on a daily basis and is handsomely compensated for it.