April 17, 2010

Girls Are Not For Sale

GEMS Testifies at Senate Hearing 2.24.2010 from GEMS GIRLS on Vimeo.

Hat tip soulbrotherv.2.  I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter as well as two wonderful young sons.  I love and value my children and because I do, I love and value children in general.  Human trafficking is a monstrous crime against humanity and trafficking in children just basically makes me want to take out out the perpetrators no questions asked. Its bad around the world, but in America, this stuff is going on too and its unacceptable.  Because the safety and security of black women and girls is often simply not regarded as very important (both within and without the black community), they are highly vulnerable targets and victims of trafficking and exploitation. It behooves us all to be aware of this issue and to support all efforts to eradicate it and the people who engage in it. The testimony in the video above also highlights something else: the critical importance of rebuilding strong two parent families in America and in the black community as the normal and naturally preferred state for raising kids.  These girls are victimized in part because they are not deeply connected to a caring family structure and are open to be victimized by the human trash that preys on vulnerable young people.  Strong black families with a Mom and a Dad prevent trafficking point blank.  My daughter will NEVER be in position to be victimized in this way because anybody trying to hurt her has to get past her Daddy first.  Thats the ultimate protection for our precious little girls and boys: intact, healthy and whole black families is the best defense and offense to the abomination of human trafficking.