April 20, 2010

My Mission: Bring WebOS to the People

I've spoken a time or two on the wonderful device that is the Palm Pre smartphone and the fantastic operating system that powers it; WebOS.  How does one describe the rocking technological goodness that is WebOS? I don't know....its like Sana Lathan in a two piece sari leading an army of Velociraptor covered in awesome sauce. Just off the chain goodness.

Alas, the Pre and its WebOS operating system, the only operating system that is a true challenger to the dominance of the Iphone both in power and elegance, has not sold as well it should.  Underwhelming hardward  and some of the most abysmal marketing has resulted in large chunks of the buying public left out of the awesome experience that is WebOS.

So, as part of my obligation to participate in the uplift of humanity, I will be featuring some of the Palm marketing and user created commercials from the excellent Palm Pre focused site Webosroundup and their PalmSpot campaign.

Palm's initial marketing campaign began with what have become known as the creepy girl ads, featuring Tamara Hope

Pretty craptacular, right? Don't really tell you anything about the phone, creepy music in the background and while Tamara Hope is an attractive girl, these commercials just gave her creep factor for days.  Palm finally figured out how bad this was and went for the upgrade and got a new Palm girl.

Much better.  Life Moves Fast. Don't Miss A Thing.