April 2, 2010

Tea Party Protests Unfairly Characterized

Hat tip to Cobb:

If you needed some visual proof that the criticism of Bush from the left during his term was every bit as rabid and unhinged as that directed at Obama now, here's some for you. Those of you on the left that scream the Tea Party movement is made entirely of racially motivated Obama Derangement Syndrome zombies, look at this.  Look at it and OWN IT.  If the signs and the language and the Hitler, fascism, socialism, dictator, freedom destroying comparisons are the measure of irrationality, then you were every bit as unhinged as the Tea Party members you criticize now. 

If you call yourself a member of the Tea Party movement or a conservative and are among the group of people who are quick to point out that the left was crazy in their protests, you can rightly feel vindicated, but you shouldn't feel particularly superior.  Essentially, the standard of political behavior coming out of the GOP right isn't any better. We keep saying "they did it too".   It seems to me we are setting the standard for the quality of political discourse way too low.