May 5, 2010

The Swagger Wagon?

I really want a comment or two on this one.  What do people think of this? My two cents? This *almost* works.  The lyrics and beat are doable but where I think it dropped the ball was the couple.  They look goofy.  I'm a suburban family man with a minivan and the couple, especially the guy, is not the suburbanite self image or vibe I want to be portrayed as. Balding, goofy stupid looking, the total opposite of cool.  This would have worked for me if they had actually been a good looking couple that was actually portrayed in a cool way.  They played it as goofy white suburbanites vamping it up as gangster rappers. Is that the self image white or otherwise suburbanites have of themselves?  If you want me to identify with the vehicle as being cool and therefore if I have one I'm cool, don't put me next to it and portray me as goofy.  So it doesn't quite do it for me.

If they had made the actors really rap the song instead of vamp the song, it would have been as cool as if Sarah Palin had actually rapped her rap on Saturday Night Live as hard as Amy Peohler did.