July 21, 2010

President Obama, Don't Leave Ms. Sherrod Under the Bus

Dear President Obama,

Secretary Vilsack's decision to fire Shirley Sherrod in response to Andrew Breitbart's fabricated racebaiting attack on her is unacceptable. That the White House has endorsed that action, given the facts that have come to light, is unconscionable.

It's one thing to rush to judgment. It's another to refuse to correct the error when it becomes clear that you were wrong.

On several occasions since you have been president, you have been willing to candidly admit when mistakes have been made. I applauded your candor in those moments and I urge you to be as straightforward and direct here.  You lose nothing by doing the right thing here, namely instructing Sec. Vilsack to reinstate Ms. Sherrod.  If you do not however, you co-sign a clear injustice and let stand a decision that the majority of the nation will be unable to respect. You gain the respect of the American people when your administration admits mistakes and rectifies them. That is what is called for here.

I therefore urge you in the strongest possible manner to reinstate Ms. Sherrod to her position, as the decision to force her to resign was made based on a lie.  Its the right thing to do.