June 11, 2011

The Palin Emails: Spare me the outrage on the right

Palin has willingly and quite skillfully made herself more political celebrity than serious politico.  Therefore, she gets the celebrity treatment from media, which is to shower its readers with lowest common denominator material like pawing through her emails.  While the claims of liberal media bias have a ring of truth to them, spare me the outrage.  Palin has cannily cashed in on her prominence with a rabid and vocal fan base and she shows no sign of stopping. She's milking it all for purposes of maintaining her political prominence.  Aside from raising/making money and operating as a political celebrity cum gadfly, what is there to be so impressed with?  Had she not been plucked from obscurity by a desperate and now failed McCain campaign, would anyone actually be talking about Sarah Palin on the national stage? I doubt it. I'll be impressed when she puts herself out there as a serious candidate, not before.  Note that APS is on record as predicting she will not run.