July 18, 2011

I'm Sorry, but Cain is a Religious Bigot


If a community wants to ban mosques, Cain says emphatically "They have the right to do that"

Herman Cain - Caricature I’ve listened/watched several YouTube clips of Herman Cain holding forth on Muslims and I’m sorry, but the reality is that Cain IS a religious bigot. Listening to him is like listening to your cranky old grandfather or uncle who is an all right guy but invariably makes you cringe when they get on their favorite rant against white people or foreigners or whatever their pet peeve group is.

They are not evil, its just frankly their ignorance talking. They are the kind of relative that if there is anyone around besides family, you try to get that person out of the room before Gramps talks too much. That’s Cain up and down. With his recent comment about Romney, clearly he thinks people in the South apply the same bigoted filter to Mormons that he uses with Muslims too.

If I were Romney, I would come down hard on this statement and Cain and call out his anti-Muslim views for what they are. If Romney lets its pass without any comment, even if only to chide Cain for assuming Southern voters to be a bunch of anti-Mormon bigots, I'll think less of him.  I've already discounted my opinion of all the GOP candidates for not decisively criticizing Cain's anti-Muslim views which are clearly not based in American values of free speech or freedom of religion.  In Herman Cain's America, the freedom to worship freely and in association with others is for everybody but Muslims, and hey, maybe the Mormons better watch out too. 

At the speed at which he's spitting out these statements, its not hard to come to the conclusion that Cain is not only bigoted regarding religion, but indeed he might even be willing to use the religious bias he obviously thinks is prevalent throughout the South as a political weapon. Being a successful businessman does not exempt you from being bigoted or pigheaded in your views and Cain epitomizes this. Its really unbecoming in a grown black man of advanced years who lived through the civil rights era. You would expect him to speak with much greater wisdom than this.
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