July 26, 2011

Old School Community Policing

Hat tip Booker Rising

Warning: NSFW language and the squeamish may find the violence discomforting:

The brother administering the beatdown is apparently the owner of the barbershop where this video takes place and is remonstrating with his employee for selling drugs and allowing others to sell drugs in his shop while he left him in charge.  He appears to have given  this brother a measure of trust, primarily trusting that the brother had the good common sense not to cross him with no foolish BS like he discovered.  I think that's what finally set him completely off, that the brother did not really seem to understand the seriousness of the problem he was bringing to his attention.  Confronted with homeboy's denseness, he decided to deliver the lesson in a more efficient manner, namely direct fist to brain neurological transfer.

Taking the video at face value, thats your average decent brother administering a hard check to somebody that has put his life, liberty and family at risk.  This is old school community policing. And the audio at the end when the kid asks if he can go watch the beatdown and his mother matter of factly tells the child "No, you don't wanna see that"?  Appropriate and priceless.