January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes, its January 3rd and I'm wishing you, dear reader, a happy new year.  I'm late, my apologies. You may have noticed I didn't do blog Christmas greetings at all either.  Truth is, I'm just not that motivated around the niceties of the holidays.  Simply not one of my strong suits.  But having just gotten off the road and being still a little wired from the trip, I figured I would fire something off.

I've been absent from the blogosphere for a real spell.  My last post was in November and I hadn't even really noticed its been that long.  I'm shocked at the length of my hiatus.  I've not been totally out of pocket, I was tweeting right on through that period pretty tough, but that's an indication of my malaise that I was really only up for 140 word bursts at a time for a very long stretch. 

The truth is that I'm not a particularly great blog writer in the sense that I work to push out some new content on a very regular schedule.  Truth is that I typically blog about stuff that is drawing a response from me.  While there has been a whole lot to respond to of late, I just have not been able to muster the energy for it, and well, I was busy with life stuff, cuz, I got one of those, fa real.

So its 2012 and I'm going to try to get back up on my horse.  Hope you had an awesome holidays and that 2012 is filled with promise and possibility for you.  Now lets get back to it.