July 18, 2012

2012: Obama vs. Romney To Turn on the Debates?

 Krauthammer handicaps the election and says if it were tomorrow, Team Romney loses. His evidence is the battleground state polling that keeps showing Obama with a narrow but persistent lead and taken with the other polls, indicates that he would achieve the the necessary electoral college votes to clinch it.

Krauthammer thinks the Bain attacks have sown and are sowing doubt in the minds of people as to whether or not they want to switch horses from Obama to Romney. He clearly doesn't think Romney has humanized himself enough to clinch the deal with America's voters. He thinks its all going to turn on the debates, that if Romney is really going to make up the ground he needs in the minds of voters, that the debates will be his primary opportunity to clinch that deal. If his take is correct, the debates will be high stakes political bloodsport events (the political junkies amongst us can't wait).

Obama is a skilled debater and Romney's debate skills have been honed by eight years of running and a bruiser primary.  They will be closely matched, but until the first debate, I'll cede the edge to Obama who has 3+ years experience actually doing the job to draw on for firepower too. Its no slam dunk for Romney and I'm going to bust a gut laughing when it turns to Obamacare vs. Romneycare. 
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