September 17, 2012

Middle East Turmoil and the Election

I'm watching Fox News Sunday and I find it a little funny. The pundits roundtable keeps asking the question of why Romney doesn't lay out his policies. In the context of this mid east riots for example, he has criticized Obama strenously, implied he would do things differently (He would lead), but does not lay out what that would be.  Same thing on the economics side as well.  He brought Ryan on to the campaign, but hasn't laid out his economic strategy in anything more than
platitudes since then, though I think many would have expected it.  If I had been on the panel, I could have given them a good answer; they are not talking about it because the results of the policies they are implying they would implement will not be broadly popular among the electorate.  Romney's foreign policy nor the economic policy he is implying.  That's why they are not laying it out in specifics.

I digress from my topic though. The administration is now doubling down on the explanation of the attacks inthe middle east as entirely due to the vido.  While its been a spark, it's not the fuel that's driving this train and the administration is going to sound incredibly niave if they maintain that line. I think its clear that the different extremist groups in that part of the world are using this to advance their various and sundry jihadist aims.  If they keep claiming its all about the video, they will give traction to Romney's charges of a weak and vacillating foreign policy.  On the other hand, Romney is treading thin ice himself. All his bellicose talk of getting tough on Iran, China, not withdrawing from Afghanistan, not any of it is popular among thinking membes of the electorate.  The implications of his rhetoric would seemingly have us at war all over the place. That messages isnt going to sell.  If Obama decides to go hard on him and dare him to spell out what he would do, he does not havea great hand.

The Romney campaign is within the margin of error in many of the polls, but the narrative that seems to be emerging with 7 weeks to go to election day, is that he is losing.  Not a good look.