December 10, 2012

Graham: Stop Talking Like a Weenie

Guantanamo Bay
Guantanamo Bay (Photo credit: AslanMedia)
The administrations idea that closing Gitmo removes a recruiting tool from the terrorist tool belt is to my mind sort of stupid and naive. The better and more factual argument is that the whole thing was an extra judicial setup for interrogation that sidestepped pesky international laws that got in the way of prosecuting the war on terror. But the need for that has long since passed. Al Qaeda is a much diminished entity now and we know a lot more about what we are doing. Gitmo is not all that necessary and there are perfectly good reasons to shut it down and move the people there to prisons stateside and good reasons to leave it be too.

Why not make the case on whatever those level headed arguments are, rather than the purely political claptrap argument being made by Lyndsey Graham that these people are essentially too dangerous to put in a prison on American soil? That’s just a bullshit argument and every time I hear a republican make this sort of panty waist argument, I throw up in my mouth a little. These guys are not the X-Men.

The American prison system is more than capable of locking them down and keeping them there. In America, you go to prison, you pretty much stay there until you get let out or you die. Simple as that. These guys are not any more dangerous than the assorted serial killers, rapists, psychopaths and other evil bastards we have locked up. Rural communities compete to have prisons in their backyard for Pete’s sake. Why? Because you don’t get out of jail in this country. I live in Indianapolis and right here in Metro Indy there is a prison across the street from a senior living facility out in the far burbs.
It’s a purely political argument that’s only about partisan warfare, not a discussion being had on the cold hard pros and cons of Gitmo’s utilization. Those few hundred guys or whatever is left can obviously be housed in American prisons. Maybe there are good practical reasons to keep using Gitmo. I wish Graham would make those and stop sounding like a panty waist and trying to scare people that those guys are somehow super criminals that can only be contained at Gitmo. Thats comicbook talk, not the conversation of a clear eyed grownup, and shows its a political argument, not a factual one.
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