March 22, 2013

Kim Brown: From Russia to CPAC With Love

I don't really have a whole lot of comment about Kim Brown's experience at the CPAC panel hosted by black conservative activist K. Carl Smith, called “Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?”.   Her experience at the event was no surprise and I think she's naive to think she could roll into CPAC and have an experience different than that.  Although Carl Smith claims she was disruptive, I think I will call a little bit of check on how she was dealt with when her political stripes became clear. It was kinda harsh.  Mr. Terry with his openly segregationist views does not appear to have been shouted down.  He seems to have been treated real nice for stating his silly ideas in that soft southern voice.  Smith seemed to try to work real hard to engage that young man.  He and the other cat at the podium didn't seem to work that hard for the sista, who wasn't acting in any way I would call disruptive, unless you define disruptive as not agreeing with the other people in the room. Frankly, if you want to have a forum on the most incendiary topic in America and you can't engage in a dialogue with one sista, maybe you should leave the forum gigs to people more skilled in having a dialogue:

Watching the video and looking at the title of the event, I would have advised Kim she could have saved herself the time and aggravation.  This was a forum put on by black conservatives with the apparent intent to help white conservatives get comfortable with expressing their views on race, which often include broad and offensive generalizations about the self reliance, work ethic and enslavement to the democratic party of black people.  This seems like an event put on by black conservatives to provide white conservatives with cover for their political disinterest in blacks and the whys and ways they express it. Like the anti gun control event put on by Project 21 and the Frederick Douglass Society in February, it seems to me another example of black republicans becoming complicit in providing the conservative movement cover for the politically disinterested messaging and often hostile rhetoric it uses towards African Americans as a political constituency. It's a form of shilling that in my opinion, serves the personal interests of some black conservatives in selling books and raising money, but doesn't do squat for the permanent interests of black folks. I note Carl sold that young segregationist Mr. Terry a book later.  I'm betting he didn't get a dime from the lovely Ms. Brown.

But mostly, I just think its really funny sounding that there is a sista with a radio show on the Voice of Russia.

UPDATE:  Below is a largely complete video of Carl Smith's presentation.  You can assess the content of his message.