August 21, 2013

Allen West Calls Black America a "Failing Community" to Score Cheap Political Rhetorical Points With Conservative White Voters

Allen West has been responding to a school bus surveillance video showing three 15-year-old African American teenagers beating up a13-year-old white teenager, with comments like the one at left.

Is it possible for Allen West to stop being such a wiling mouthpiece of right wing contempt for black Americans?

I reject his race based blaming. Criminal violence occurs within the white community and with great frequency, but the entire white community is not branded as a "failing community" because of it.  It's a selective viewpoint and merely feeds the common stereotyping of blacks as culturally degenerate.  Black conservatives who go to conservative media outlets that cater to white conservative audiences and  explicitly link violence to some notion of black cultural degeneracy are doing little more than feeding the prevalent undercurrent of contempt for black voters present in the far right of the GOP and too easily tolerated within the rest of the party.

This kind of careless and sensational language is happily consumed by the right wing rank & file of the party as a wonderful validation of stereotypical views of black voters and black Americans more generally, even as most of them have little more than shallow engagement with black communities or black Americans.  Are you going to label whites as a failing community for the prevalent sexually permissive culture that TV and media are awash in? I don't hear that coming from West or other black conservatives, but somehow blacks are a failing community?

Why in the world does Allen West or any black conservative need to politicize this crime in this way? For the sake of defending 2nd amendment rights, you must throw black Americans under the bus and label our cultural life as degenerate?  Defending the 2nd amendment doesn't require denigrating your own community to score rhetorical political points. And when you do it public forums that overwhelmingly cater to a white conservative audience, I call check on that behavior.  That kind of commentary isn't intended to help address the challenges that exist in black America, its merely intended to curry favor with a right wing conservative community which is disinterested in black voters as a political consistency and welcomes rhetoric which cosigns that view, ESPECIALLY when it comes with the cover and cachet of having come from the mouth of a black person first.  Allen West is looking to make another run for political office and rhetorically serving up his own community to win favor with very conservative white voters appears to be the price he's willing to pay.  I guess he's trying to make up for this. 

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