August 16, 2007

The Trouble with Rudy

Giuliani Meets High Expectations - Yahoo! News

Ross Kaminsky, a writer for Yahoo News opines on Rudy Giuliani:
"Seeing Rudy in the room of supporters of which half were women reinforced my opinion that Giuliani has the best prospects among suburban women, soccer moms, and single women because of his focus on security and his ability to couch deep political principle in language that relates well to just getting things done in every day life. The women were at least as interactive with him and as engaged by his answers as the men. Rudy simply does not come across as the same generic power-seeking white-collar male as the other candidates do."
Uhhh, I don't think so. Here's the trouble with Rudy. I'll grant that right now, Rudy looks good. I like him. I like that his thinking appears to be very pragmatic. But we are still quite early. And while Ross seems to think Rudy's got a good shot with women, I think its an achille's heel issue. The conventional logic says that women will vote for the alpha male protector Giuliani as exemplified by his 9/11 image because they want security and to be protected. I'm starting to think this is a lot of wishful male analysis. Because over and over the women I know or talk with (an unrepresentative sample to be sure) count him out with contempt. However favorable their opinion of his 9/11 leadership may be, I've yet to see it outweigh their judgment of a man who moved his mistress into the Mayor's mansion and who's children have nothing to do with him. That says volumes to woman on a score of issue points they care about as well.