August 16, 2007

House Negroes for Hillary

I've opined in previous posts that the Black Establishment, along with the race hustler contingent, would most likely lead the way in undermining support for Obama's campaign. And sure enough, not only are they doing that, but they went me one better with "African American Men for Hillary" which you can see at the Clinton website.

This is a Exhibit #1 when it comes to black folks selling themselves out. In Obama, we have a credible, eminently qualified African American candidate for the nomination. He's got the skills to pay the bills. He's a bit of a neophyte playing at this level, but if I'm gonna support somebody thats trying to step up to the presidential plate, he's a good horse to bet on. He's raised $52 million to support his campaign. But what is our black political and establishment leadership doing? They are selling the brother out to support Hillary.

I'm a republican and a conservative. Obama isn't necessarily my first choice to vote for based on his politics. Nonetheless, as an extremely credible black candidate making a run for the White House, I want the guy in it. I want him to get the shot via the Democratic nomination. And for all her vaunted "experience" in the halls of the White House, Hillary comes with her own set of baggage. She is not a slam dunk.

But I'm watching the black establishment and I'm trippin, because these "negroes" are backing Hillary. They have all been co-opted by the Clinton machine and they are backing Hillary because they are all dreaming of how the good times are going to roll if she wins. The patronage train will be leaving the station then and they want to be on board. Phenomenal woman Maya Angelou for crying out loud is backing Hillary over a credible black man. How in the hell do you square that?

Now, here is the question of the hour. Is the black street going to follow the establishment's lead and sell Obama out too? We were down for Jesse, but Obama can't get any love? I understand that establishment negroes and the race hustlers are in it for themselves and have been bought off with promises. They are whoring themselves out. But then again, I don't understand it. Obama is as liberal as anybody could want. He is against the war, he's for civil unions, supports abortion rights, I mean what more could they want?

But they are selling him out. And what I want to know is whether or not the black street is going to go along with this BS. Are the common black folk of America going to see this for the sellout that it is and support Obama? Or will they follow like sheep the establishment negroes that are leading the charge for Hillary?