February 19, 2008

Kwame's NC Massage Partner Revealed: Survey Says....

Christine Beatty - Yes good people, thats right and you heard it here first. The Mayor shared his $504 dollar massage package with his now former Chief of Staff Ms. Beatty. How does the Season know? The same way everybody in Detroit knows about the dirt getting done in the Mayor's inner circle. Somebody we know, who knows somebody else we know, who's relative shared a flight with Ms. Beatty on a plane headed down to Asheville the weekend of Jan. 19th and ID'd her. Kwame was there Jan. 19th to the 21st. We will stipulate to the fact that her lawyer has publicly denied that it was Beatty;

"Absolutely not," Morganroth said. Beatty bought gas for her vehicle in Detroit on Jan. 19, had lunch at a downtown restaurant and made at least one other Metro Detroit purchase on her credit cards that weekend, Morganroth said. "I have the receipts to prove it," he said.

Its not hard to have someone use your credit card to produce receipts for you and help you cover your tracks. Someone who could corroborate her presence at the gas station, or the lunch or at the store where she made this purchase would be more convincing. Bear in mind that this assignation occurred before the text message scandal broke in the papers. Political Season makes a call for corroboration from any one that can confirm our friend's friends's relatives' report of Beatty on a plane to Asheville from Detroit that weekend. Probably not hard to track it down. If you've got the goods, send us an email here at Political Season.

And because the Detroit Mayor's office scandal is the gift that just keeps on giving, or really in this case, taking from the citizens of Detroit, the Detroit Free Press reports that Detroit city council today approved a $25,000 settlement to the two police officers who pulled Beatty over for a traffic stop.

The officers said they pulled Beatty over for speeding June 21, 2004 and she told them: “Do you know who the (expletive) I am?”

The officers sued after Bully-Cummings publicly said they harassed Beatty, and Kilpatrick told a radio station: “It sounds like a setup to me.”

Because the Mayor has zero credibility due to this scandal, city council had little choice but to pay $25,000 to bring another of the Mayor's messes to a close. This may not be the last of such episodes either. How many other lawsuits may materialize based on retaliation or slander by the Mayor or his surrogates? Those that do will have a lower bar to overcome when it comes to pitting their credibility against the Mayor's, because what he has is gone. It is yet more confirmation for the premise that Black America must practice accountability when it comes to its elected political leadership. Detroit is a city in desperate need of revival and restoration and it requires leadership. This is not it. Detroiters will only get the leadership they demand and if not some will say that they deserve. If Black Americans are unwilling to call to account a Mayor who has been so contemptuous of the taxpaying voters who put him in office, it is will be another public example of the self destructive tendency of blacks to ask for accountability from every other quarter but our own.