March 24, 2008

Black Accountability Applied: Kwame Kilpatrick Faces 12 Felony C ounts

A blow for Black Accountability was struck this morning when Prosecutor Kim Worthy announced in Detroit the filing of 12 felony charges against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty.

Beatty has issued no comments since the charges were handed down. Kwame on the other hand is trumpeting his innocence, accusing the prosecutor of bias and continuing his brazen lying with no letup. If convicted on all counts, Kwame could face 30 years in prison. Worthy threw the book at him and considering that the Kilpatrick machine may even be deadly by some accounts, clearly she determined that if she were going to charge him, to put him down. Worthy has stepped up to the plate where Detroit's corporate elite and top CEO's have not. The CEO's and fat cats that bankrolled Kwame's re-election and bailed it out when it was on the skids have had little to nothing to say as this debacle unfolded. Gov. Granholm is too busy helping Hillary defeat Obama to exercise her power as Governor to remove Kwame for the same reasons as the fat cats, namely that Kwame is a necessary ingredient to their development plans in Detroit.

We note with interest that Worthy mentioned discussions with federal authorities and we suspect that a wider investigation by federal authorities could be on the way as well, in which case the Kilpatrick family and friends plan for contracting, hiring and nepotism may get a more public look. Few, including us have sympathy for Kwame, whatever he gets, he'll deserve. Beatty however enjoys some sympathy from us, so we issue this bit of unsolicited advice. RUN, do not walk, to Prosecutor Worthy's office and spill your guts. Sell Kwame down the river now in exchange for immunity from federal and state prosecution. Beatty knows where every body is buried and with two minor children she would likely lose custody of if she gets jail time, she has a lot to lose. She can either save herself or go down with the ship. Given that Kwame still has a job while she is out and her affair with him has cost her nothing but money, loss of reputation and public humiliation for her whole family, selling him out should be pretty easy.

Now that the Prosecutor has gotten the ball rolling, we expect events to move more swiftly.