March 26, 2008

Black Male Bloggers: Man Up On Dunbar Village

The Dunbar Village Gang Rape case is among the most horrific criminal cases
I've ever seen. What is perhaps even more horrific is the deafening silence and inaction of black men on this issue, and the active support of the rapists now being given by Al Sharpton and the NAACP. Black women bloggers are taking action. Black male bloggers need to do the same and there are plenty of us.

I'm issuing a call to arms.

The imperatives are clear:
1. Make the NAACP & NAN accountable for their defense of the rapists and reverse course.
2. Bring pressure to bear on WPB authorities to catch the remaining six rapists
3. Raise a lot of money for this woman and her son to help rebuild their 
shattered lives.
This is a black accountability moment.  Black organizations, national and 
local, underperform almost across the board because we don't require them to operate at a higher standard of judgment, accountability or transparency.  
Both of these organizations should be made to publicly reverse course on this case, or pay a serious price until they do.  For black men, I can't think of a 
more clear opportunity to show unflinching, unwavering, non-negotiable, take no prisoners support for black women.

So come on brothers, join the campaign.  The women got it started, but 
frankly, the brothers should finish it.

This is simple:

A black woman was gang raped for 3 hours by 10 black men in front of her 12 year old son.

10 black men destroyed her life.  I'm looking for a hundred black men to help put it back together.

Join the campaign and take action now