March 7, 2008

Clintonite: Hillary as Suicide Bomber

Submariner, author of the blog Soul Conviction, commenting on still another blog, had the following thoughts about whether or not Hillary's campaign tactics are designed to position her for 2012. He suggests a different conclusion.

... the Democrats have ensured Republican occupancy of the White House for the next two election cycles. If Hillary had not essentially [run] a Republican campaign against Barack Obama then I would agree it's about priming herself for 2012. But look at what she did. After the Gettysburg moment of February 5 when Barack ran a Boston on her, the statistical outcome was not in doubt. Hillary Rodham Clinton not only continued in dogged fashion, she swiftboated Barack and conditioned the country for the calumnies being prepared by the GOP. She not only attacked Barack on the issues but also on his very nature. She even openly maligned his supporters such that even if she became the nominee we could never support her.

It was almost as if she didn't think that she would need us in the fall campaign.
She not only advocates her bona fides but just yesterday in the Chicago Tribune she elevated John McCain over Obama. This is can't be undone. To openly proclaim the legitimacy of the Republican challenger over Obama has sealed her fate and maybe Barack's. This repeats the damage caused by Bill Clinton: loss of a Democratic Congress and Al Gore's defeat by Bush. It required about ten years to recover.

Essentially Barack has won a bike with flat tire. Barack was our JFK but HRC defecated on him. Because a white female Democrat was darkening Barack's complexion and casting doubt about him being a Christian the Republicans are free to pursue this to the fullest without turning the country off.
HRC can't be the nominee because of the immediate exodus which would ensue. She can't be a VP because of the nature of her attacks. She can't really throw her support behind Barack without openly marinating in hypocrisy. The scorn she has heaped on Obama and his supporters is irrational to a degree approaching Faye Dunaway's portrayal of Joan Crawford. Hillary has effectively ended her chance at higher office.

What I'm at loss to understand is why did the leadership allowed her to singlehandedly wreck the party? Al Gore and John Edwards should have thrown their weight behind Obama after February especially when McCain was the presumptive nominee. Howard Dean should have been more vehement about the non-participation of Florida and Michigan. The leadership should have spoken to big money donors and told them to refrain from putting more money into the Clinton campaign, off the record comments about the futility of a Clinton comeback should have been made to superannuated political reporters like Bob Woodward. It was as if the owners of the manor just stood by idly as a mad woman defecated in the kitchen without thinking that eventually they would have to eat there. The Dems are dysfunctional.